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Necro Sunshine Band - Discography FLAC album

Necro Sunshine Band - Discography FLAC album
Necro Sunshine Band
Grindcore, Noise
FLAC album size:
1153 mb
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4.3 ✪
Necro Sunshine Band - Discography FLAC album


A1 Aarhus Noisecore Mafia 1:06
A2 Supernocturnalgrinffuckcore 0:13
A3 Necro Milf 0:11
A4 Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans 0:09
A5 Eternal Holocaust 0:04
A6 Brain Massacre 0:23
A7 God 0:10
A8 Hans Hund 1:01
A9 Paraphimosis 0:54
A10 Indians Of The Concrete Jungle 1:18
A11 Blast The Error 0:26
A12 Proctalgia Fugax BTW 0:44
A13 Evil Fuck 0:16
A14 Molested Fuck 0:15
A15 Priapisme 0:57
A16 Moderat Likvidation 0:16
A17 Noisecoresaurus-rex 0:48
A18 Gut Ballad 0:24
A19 Lichen Complex 0:23
A20 Death Erection 0:15
A21 Fuck Indiana Jones 0:07
A22 Fucking Gore, Nocturnal Gore 0:23
A23 Bavarian Diarreah (Barbarian) 0:41
A24 Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough 0:03
A25 Cock Nuts (Fuckshit) 0:16
A26 The Eternal Intro 0:29
A27 Grindcore 0:05
A28 You Sucker 0:05
A29 Proctalgia Fugax FTW 0:57
A30 A Song For The Homeless 1:36
A31 A Suggestion 0:19
A32 Fanget Mig En Myg 1:19
A33 Darkthrone WTF 0:06
A34 Sot Hot, So Hot 0:06
A35 Let's Rock The Cock Tonight 1:00
A36 Bullshit 1:17
A37 The Shit Song 3:32
A38 Bite It You Scum 3:11
A39 Deathcrush (Take 1) 1:26
A40 Deathcrush (Take 2) 1:36
A41 Die When You Die (Take 1) 1:43
A42 Die When You Die (Take 2) 2:30
B1 Live At Gyngen, Århus Hate City 15:51
B2 You Suffer (Take 1) 2:03
B3 You Suffer (Take 2) 0:33
B4 Rehearsal Crap 24:00
B5 Nazi Punks Fuck Off 0:59


Track A38 originally by GG Allin.
Track A39 and A40 originally by Mayhem.
Track A41 and A42 originally by GG Allin.
Track B2 and B3 originally by Napalm Death.

"This compilation is everything the Necro Sunshine Band ever recorded in a few drunken months in 2007. They produced the following demos: "Necro Songs", "The Cigar Nunchaku Chaos Demo" and "The Cigar Nunchaku Chaos Covers". Super special for this release is the rehearsal and the live session at an open mic night in a silly little venue in Århus Hate City, Denmark. Nzi Punks Fuck Off."