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Rage - The Refuge Years FLAC album

Rage  - The Refuge Years FLAC album
The Refuge Years
Heavy Metal, Speed Metal
FLAC album size:
1964 mb
Other formats:
4.2 ✪
Rage  - The Refuge Years FLAC album


Perfect Man
CD1-1 Wasteland
CD1-2 In The Darkest Hour
CD1-3 Animal Instinct
CD1-4 Perfect Man
CD1-5 Sinister Thinking
CD1-6 Supersonic Hydromatic
CD1-7 Don't Fear The Winter
CD1-8 Death In The Afternoon
CD1-9 A Pilgrim's Path
CD1-10 Time And Place
CD1-11 Round Trip
CD1-12 Between The Lines
CD1-13 Symbols Of Our Fear
CD1-14 Neurotic
Secrets In A Weird World
CD2-1 Intro (Opus 32 Nr. 3)
CD2-2 Time Waits For None
CD2-3 Make My Day
CD2-4 The Inner Search
CD2-5 Invisible Horizons
CD2-6 She
CD2-7 Light Into The Darkness
CD2-8 Talk To Grandpa
CD2-9 Distant Voices
CD2-10 Without A Trace
CD2-11 Lost Side Of The World
Reflections Of A Shadow
CD3-1 Introduction (A Bit More Of Green)
CD3-2 That's Human Bondage
CD3-3 True Face In Everyone
CD3-4 Flowers That Fade In My Hand
CD3-5 Reflections Of A Shadow
CD3-6 Can't Get Out
CD3-7 Waiting For The Moon
CD3-8 Faith
CD3-9 Saddle The Wind
CD3-10 Dust
CD3-11 Nobody Knows
CD3-12 Wild Seed
CD4-1 Shame On You
CD4-2 Solitary Man
CD4-3 Enough Is Enough
CD4-4 Medicine
CD4-5 Questions
CD4-6 Take Me To The Water
CD4-7 Power And Greed
CD4-8 The Body Talks
CD4-9 Not Forever
CD4-10 Beyond The Wall Of Sleep
CD4-11 Baby, I'm Your Nighmare
CD4-12 Fast As A Shark
CD4-13 Difference
CD4-14 Innocent Guilty
CD4-15 Marching Heroes - The Wooden Cross
The Missing Link
CD5-1 Firestorm
CD5-2 Nevermore
CD5-3 Refuge
CD5-4 The Pit And The Pendulum
CD5-5 From The Underworld
CD5-6 Certain Days
CD5-7 Who Dares?
CD5-8 Wake Me When I'm Dead
CD5-9 Lost In The Ice
CD5-10 Her Diary's Black Pages
CD5-11 The Missing Link
CD5-12 Raw Caress
CD5-13 Another Kind Of Madness
Lost In The Eyes
CD6-1 Woman
CD6-2 Ashes
CD6-3 Bottlefield
CD6-4 What's Up?
CD6-5 Bury All Life
CD6-6 On The Edge
CD6-7 I Want You
CD6-8 (Those Who Got) Nothing To Lose
CD6-9 Last Goodbye
CD6-10 Truth Hits Everybody
CD6-11 I Can't Control Myself
CD6-12 Beyond The Pale
CD6-13 Law And Order
CD6-14 Mirror
Acoustic Live In Tokio
CD7-1 Invisible Horizons
CD7-2 The Body Talks
CD7-3 Dust
CD7-4 Shame On You
CD7-5 Not Forever
CD7-6 Woman
CD7-7 Light Into The Darkness
Demonizer - Demo Collection 1991-1993
CD8-1 The Body Talks
CD8-2 Solitary Man
CD8-3 Take Me To The Water
CD8-4 Another Kind Of Madness
CD8-5 Difference
CD8-6 Baby, I'm Your Nightmre
CD8-7 Questions
CD8-8 Waterfalls
CD8-9 Beyond The Wall Of Sleep
CD8-10 From The Underworld
CD8-11 Lost In The Ice
CD8-12 Her Diary's Black Pages
CD8-13 Firestorm
CD8-14 Wake Me Whem I'm Dead
CD8-15 Raw Caress
Refuge Live At Rock Hard Hard Festival 2015
CD9-1 Firestorm
CD9-2 Solitary Man
CD9-3 Nevermore
CD9-4 Death In The Afternoon
CD9-5 Enough Is Enough
CD9-6 Invisible Horizons
CD9-7 Certain Days
CD9-8 Light Into The Darkness
CD9-9 Shame On You
CD9-10 Baby, I'm Your Nightmare
CD9-11 Don't Fear The Winter
CD9-12 Refuge
Live In Hamburg
CD10-1 Shame On You
CD10-2 Don't Fear The Winter
CD10-3 Certain Days
CD10-4 Suicide
CD10-5 Band Interview
CD10-6 Refuge
CD10-7 Baby I'm Your Worst Nightmare
CD10-8 Down By Law
CD10-9 Firestorm
CD10-10 Behind-The Scenes
CD10-11 Solitary Man
CD10-12 Behind-The Scenes 2
CD10-13 Medley: Enough Is Enough / Invisible Horizons
CD10-14 On The Edge
CD10-15 Interview
CD10-16 Nevermore
CD10-17 From The Underworld
The Video Link
DVD-1 Shame On You
DVD-2 Don't Fear The Winter
DVD-3 On The Edge
DVD-4 Certain Days
DVD-5 Suicide
DVD-6 Refuge
DVD-7 Baby, I'm Your Nightmare
DVD-8 Down By Law
DVD-9 Nevermore
DVD-10 Firestorm
DVD-11 Solitary Man
DVD-12 Enough Is Enough
DVD-13 Invisible Horizons
DVD-14 From The Underworld


Includes a booklet, a poster, a hand-signed picture, and two guitar picks.

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  • Barcode: 4260101567727
  • ASIN: B017S7GWZE