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Moodymann - ABCD FLAC album

Moodymann - ABCD FLAC album
House, Deep House
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1888 mb
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4.6 ✪
Moodymann - ABCD FLAC album


A1 Watcha Say
A2 No Time 2 Stop
A3 Warnin
A4 9 Nites To Nowhere
B1 Watchn U
B2 Run
B3 Got 2 Make It

Companies, etc.

  • Distributed By – Mahogani Music
  • Published By – Conolia Publishing
  • Mastered At – Prairie Cat Mastering


  • Artwork – Ken Karner
  • Mastered By – PCMJR*
  • Producer – Kenny Dixon Jr.


'ABCD' is on the cover while the spine does not include a title. On the label, its printed as simply 'D'.

Release debuted during Movement Detroit 2013 where autographed copies were sold at the Mahogani Music tent.

Unautographed copies are also available.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout (Side A): KDJ - 43 - Side 1 PCMJR
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B): KDJ - 43 - Side 2 PCMJR
  • Rights Society: ASCAP

Other versions

Category Artist Title (Format) Label Category Country Year
KDJ43 Moodymann ABCD ‎(15xFile, MP3, 320) Mahogani Music KDJ43 Europe 2013
KDJ 43 Moodymann ABCD ‎(LP, Album, W/Lbl) KDJ KDJ 43 US 2013

  • Bil
Do anyone know why the digital release of this album got 15 tracks and the vinyl only 7?I´m looking for "Nuttn But Magic" but it seems like it's only on the digital version.
  • artman
Nuttin but magic is J.A.N. - KDJ 30.
  • Enila
A2 is the remix of Pollyn and B2 is the remix of Mara Tk.
  • Steelcaster
Calling this an "album" is definitely a huge overstatement. 7 "tracks" totaling 24 minutes is an EP, pure and simple. There are some great cuts on this record, but it ends up being more frustrating than anything as they end before you can blink. This seems to be a promotional tool more than anything else, and why it was released in this severely edited form is puzzling. It's worth checking out for Moodymann fans, but if you're not a fan of two and three minute edits, I'd steer clear.
  • ME
After all that I just picked up a copy in Turntable Lab in NY. ($29.99). Seems like there are more than 300 copies out there!
  • Budar
This has only been out a few days, really pisses me off that I cannot have a copy without shelling out a fortune. Fuck you Kenny, I've bought pretty much everything you have put out almost from day one. Why do I have to spend £60 plus shipping from Japan cheapest on Discogs!?! Oh, one on eBay, $70 with shipping, a bargain!? 300 copies, oh really, there seems to be a lot around for sale. I spent $75 on the last release, your records aren't as good as they used to be, I'm starting to think fuck your greedy ass, I'm going to take my $75 and give it to up-and-coming artists who you were once and leave you to your elitist fans who are happy to pay $75 for every release you put out.
  • Jorius
Although I do tend to agree with the gist of what you’re saying (in terms of being a “collector”), in the end people make and distribute music for very different reasons and, in the words of the man himself: “I am not into this to press up mass amounts of records. I’m not into this to be travelling around the motherf***ing world. I am not into this to impress anybody, I am into this for my own heart and soul. A lot of people, after work, you go home you take a bath. A lot of people you go home you f*** your wife, a lot of people go home, you cut your grass. I go home and I f*** that motherf***ing MPC all f***ing night”.You should add Rush Hour (here in Amsterdam) to your list of stores to check, get in contact with, strike up a relationship, whatever, as they do get some of these rare-as-chuff recordings and, most importantly, they ship, which is still cheaper than buying via an online marketplace such as discogs.
  • Jugami
On the bright side kuma.chan, I don't think you've missed a classic here. I collect moodymann's stuff too, have done for many years - but I enjoy his older stuff a lot more. Chin-up lad.
  • Braned
Omar S keeps his records in print, and sells them from his own website for less than $10 per 12". Plus they also go out to all the shops that carry dance music. Golf Channel release/distribute their promos in editions of c. 150 - at a premium price - and then do a larger, regular edition (with a sleeve) that goes out to all the stores. L.I.E.S. releases are always available on release in sufficient numbers through their US distributor and stores ... some eventually sell out, some don't. Basically they are making the music available to the people who are interested in it and who support it. They have all figured out the supply-demand equation. That hasn't been the case with Moodymann's last few vinyl releases ... where far fewer copies are available relative to the demand. (Far more than 300 people buy Moodymann's music on vinyl. I would guess he could sell 1,000+ copies of anything.) Of course Moodymann can do whatever he likes ... but I don't get why someone would knowingly under-sell their work knowing that price gouging would be the result. You can see why kuma.chan is annoyed!
  • Reemiel
If you take a look at the number of people who are Discogs users that own KDJ releases its generally about 2000 people, but there are a lot of people out there who do not use Discogs so most KDJ runs are going to be well over that.
  • Modar
Most vinyl runs are averaging 300 units these days. When an artist commits to 1000 units, it's really hard to move that many these days, be it Moodyman or indy label. The demand is made b/c of so little being made.
  • ZEr0
This is a "proper" release, as it is a vinyl record by Moodymann in a picture sleeve and a lot of people who follow Moodymann's music would like to have it, so they can play it at home/out etc. Nothing mysterious there. And there's nothing to stop people who support an artist/label having an opinion about how artists like Moodymann go about their business. Given the current state of the music business I'd say that Omar S's model has a lot more integrity than, say, Jack White's faux-collectible model, or Moodymann's recent approach ... i.e. the last few Moodymann vinyl releases have all been strategically limited (in one way or another) - thus creating artificial demand, which in turn creates price gouging ... which, in the long run, is a lose-lose situation for both artist and fan. Again, its not a big deal ... its just record ... but it is def. a drag ...
  • Domarivip
I've never sold a single record in my life and I've never used eBay either, sorry to disappoint you. Pretty pathetic to call me a smug wanker just because I happened to see this go up in stores and you didn't. Doesn't really make me elitist, does it?
  • Brightcaster
Sounds like some smug wanker got one copy and put one on eBay. Well fuck you too Dima.
  • Jeb
This is not a 'proper' release, it was mostly sold at DEMF, as a sampler for the forthcoming album. Is this the first time you see a release sold only at a certain event/festival? 150 out of these 300 were sent to shops worldwide. I'm fairly certain that more around 10 shops had this worldwide, meaning each had about 15 copies. Do you expect that these copies would have lasted for a long time? Who are you to criticize a label's decision-making with regards to releases? Start your own label and press thousands of copies. Are you seriously going to call Moodymann a greedy ass just because he released one limited record as part of a big festival in his home town? I'm not defending him at all, don't get me wrong, I'm just tired of people complaining. He pressed 300, so he pressed 300, what can you do about it? It's part of the modern day vinyl experience, everything is very limited and you won't be able to buy everything that you want. Sure it'd be great if he pressed 1000 copies but he didn't, so move on and don't start blaming elitist fans (whoever those people are) and the artist himself. You're not gonna change the situation, so the best you can do is constantly be on the lookout so you don't miss anything. Peace
  • Sharpmane
Not sure why people are making apologies for Moodymann. The only person responsible for this scenario is Moodymann. He could release 1,000+ copies and distribute them to all the stores that have supported him in the past, so that the fans who have supported him in the past can buy his music on vinyl at regular prices. Instead he choose to create artificial demand, so that copies appear on discogs for $50-$150 in the week it was released ... Not sure who, if anyone, benefits from this scenario. At the end of the day I know its only a record we are talking about ... but still pretty depressing that artists supposedly with "integrity" are actively involved in creating the conditions for price gouging their supporters.
  • mIni-Like
Its not just that, I've never even seen any of these copies on sale. I follow a lot of the major UK record stores - SOTU, Juno, Piccadilly, Honest Jons, Rough Trade etc as I've learned most good records you need to buy within a few days of release maximum and I've never even seen any of these listed. The only place they get listed is Discogs or eBay at silly prices, usually with the same comments on Discogs - not worth $50/$100, amazing Kenny does it again, where can I buy one of these?, I'm pissed off that I can't buy one of these!
  • Alianyau
100% agree,although i dont think its all down to the kdj camp more to do with sellers buying for normal prices then re-selling and asking stupid money.But yeah 300 copies!!! for an established artist-stinks,not like you can even get on different format.Album out september so all the poor bastards who actually have this will have the chance to buy it again,as no doubt all these tracks will probably be on it.20 years buying and listening to kdj makes you wonder-DONT BE MISLED.
  • Coiriel
To be honest, and in all respect to Moodymann. I found this release quite mediocre. Not in terms of quality, but how these tracks are issued.But i find myself that i miss the good ol´Moody sometimes. Seems like he is finding odd bits and pieces stored on a drive, brush it up and releases it on wax.And heaven knows what he is smoking these days :)I guess a couple of these tracks will come freshly extended edits on seperate 12"´s or bootlegs. I really don´t see the point releasing tracks with a duration of a little over 2 minutes.. A couple of them very well suited for club use. One might feels scammed over something like these and you feel like this is a shameful sampler vinyl with preview cuts.
  • Cobandis
picked up two copies at demf last week. the story that was said there was that this is a run of 300, with 150 being sold worldwide and the other 150 beings sent out as promos. these basically are the "b" side tracks that will not be released on the album coming out later this fall. if you want it you should defineately bag a copy in the next week or it will be gone forever.
  • Lightbinder
So were the 2 you picked up part of the 150 sold worldwide or the 150 sent out as promos?
  • Katius
Kenny sold em $ 15 a pop at his tent @ Movement. Also black/marbled copies of the Scion lp for the same price.
  • Quemal
I posted this comment yesterday, but it didn't appear for some reason:Juno have a Moodymann double album - also called ABCD - listed for Sep release. If there really are only 300 copies of this 12" EP ... I assume all the tracks will eventually be on the album? (Maybe in extended versions?) Also why do artists/labels supply records to Angel in Italy when they simply list them here for at least twice the retail?
  • Detenta
It's a release of 300.
  • Direbringer
Decent release. Standd out tracks being Watcha Say, Run and Go 2 Make It. Really all the tracks are great but they just seem to short. Start to get into them then they finish...
  • BeatHoWin
These marketing ploys becoming a little bit tiresome,half the tracks are on scion av release.Is it just me but these last few releases just dont compare to his earlier material of which i will be eternally grateful but you cant live on past sentiments.Maybe its time to Kick This Feeling?p.s And while im on one another thing that pisses me right off are these clowns who purchase such releases with the sole purpose of making money may all your offspring sprout horns,
  • Bladebringer
Juno sold out immediately. 183 people want this already! I also hope this gets a wider release. Trying to buy - in demand - vinyl these days is starting to feel like a full time job!
  • Binar
`most UK vinyl shops will have this, this week
  • Gna
alelma`most UK vinyl shops will have this, this weekWell that is now proven bullshit.