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LTJ Bukem / Calibre - Atmospherical Jubilancy / All One Call FLAC album

LTJ Bukem / Calibre - Atmospherical Jubilancy / All One Call FLAC album
Atmospherical Jubilancy / All One Call
Drum n Bass, Hardcore, Jungle
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1157 mb
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4.1 ✪
LTJ Bukem / Calibre - Atmospherical Jubilancy / All One Call FLAC album


A LTJ Bukem Atmospherical Jubilancy
B Calibre All One Call

Companies, etc.

  • Made By – MPO
  • Pressed By – MPO


Only 10 copies pressed. Was due to be released in June 2009, with a picture disc version also, but was shelved.

A side originally written in 1993.

  • Cerar
Actually collared Danny about this at the Logical Progression event at Ministry in 2008. I said it was about time we had release on 'Atmospherical Jubilancy', and as Furney was currently playing out his remix of it maybe put out the original and remix together on one plate. To my surprise Danny actually said "You know what, I'll do that!" and shook my hand. To my surprise (and delight at possibly having influenced him to release one of the all time great tracks!) I then saw the announcement of the 2009 release and eagerly awaited it (and made frequent after work trips to Blackmarket). But alas, no more it seems! One day Danny ;)
  • Anazan
Need this vinyl, take my money please release this :(!
  • Arilak
Apparently to be released v.soon. Expect hype within the next year and pre-orders to begin in 2035 with full release following in the summer of 2093. Will be limited to 5 copies.
  • Xlisiahal
so true haha hilarious!! we won't ever see this released
  • Barit
Only 10 copies pressed but 11 people have it? Mmmmm.
  • Anararius
There are only 10 black vinyl test presses, I can confirm this as it was my company that pressed them. Only a handful of the white picture disc was pressed but cannot confirm the numbers which would explain why more than 10 people say they have this release.
  • Fonceiah
Gutted I missed out on this for £55. Would definitely have paid more
  • Malien
yeah me to, funny how only 10 press but 11 have it in collection
  • Mr.Champions
Been wanting atmospherical jubilancy track for 23 years.I have a feeling al have to wait all my life for this tune not to get released :-(
  • Jark
for any that were not aware side b is now released & available on Calibre's Shelflife 4 Cd & digital versions
  • MisterMax
All On Call on Shelflife IVAll One Call on this release.
  • Androwyn
Have to agree with everyone below. This is the one track everyone wants released. To all. Have the MP3 but like one of the reviewers below I could never play it out. What we all want is the vinyl. This is the one track that is missing from any old school set. I don't claim to know how a record company does business, but I do know a 1000 press of this would make A shitload. Come on Danny, give us what we want, what we really really want x
  • Taur
if you have the mp3 of it you can press it yourself for £25
  • Era
dude just type in "youtube to MP3" in google and open the link - then copy and paste the Youtube track for LTJ Bukem ‎– Atmospherical Jubilancy into the link - THEN DONE DONE !!!!!
  • Nikok
MP3 - full version - any chance you can send the download link cause i can't find nothing ???
  • Ttyr
Please tell me someone did not pay the £400+ Asking price on this when it was put up last week? In fact, balls to it....its off my want list and most of my GLR stuff is now sold or on for sale. Sick of Bukem's crazy approach to distributing tracks and prices are hype related and not relative to quality? On.....off......on......off......make your fucking mind up Dude? Jeez
  • ME
I heard this track on a V Recordings podcast and have final found out the name of it. But I'm really disappointed that the track isn't released, and I'm more disappointed that Bukem would play the market like this. It ruins the song in a way. Do you know if this track will ever get released again?
  • Narim
10 copies?? Are you serious man? This cant be for real...
  • Gianni_Giant
It's 20 years old this year. Surely this is a perfectly good time to release it now? :)
  • Nettale
Love the comments. Please release this, Good Looking!
  • Kegal
they really need to release this its a shame for the scene that its not out yet haha
  • terostr
when are the GLO crew gonna get busy and start releasing tunes again? anyone?
  • Chillhunter
Yeah you know that, got everthing apart from 075! why would they do this to their loyal fans and dj's around the world? still we live in hope that they will come through and get back on form! thanks for your comment M8.
  • Bladebringer
Yep, get you finger out and do a repress.
  • Mr_Mole
There is no full 320 of this available
  • Netlandinhabitant
Dont get what all the fuss is about
  • interactive man
Remarkably easy to find a 320 of this, could never play it out tho. Just release it Bukem, you're so fucking shit
  • Ochach
where from m8? am looking for it for my mix vibes!
Someone with a test press must be up for bootlegging it??????? Unless they really really care about their precious precious test press. If it is released during their supposed return in a couple of months time, i think i'll just buy a copy to make into an ashtray! It's been too long comin' for me now, would rather have the furney remix!
  • Nenayally
supposed return......more like a great big facking joke mate! this is a severe case of "same shit different day" have not got a clue WTF they are doing. i keep seeing tracks which are supposedly forthcoming on GLR (for last 2 years) and guess what..........nout is coming out!!!! what happened to the much awaited "Bukem In Session" album??? oh ye, thats right, he must be still in session beginning to wonder whether or not the 4 persons actually have the Test Press at all!
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